Hope this first snowy day of spring finds everyone well. Today I'd like to talk to everyone about facebook and the various ways it can be used. Seems like there are so many options available today. You have the marketplace, business pages , boosted ads, and the option of sending personal messages out to potential clients. The opportunities seem endless but I have to be curious as to what really works.
In the past I have boosted posts , ran fb ads and it seems they have had mild success. In reality it seems that friends sharing post, clients posting photos of work we recently completed and more organically produced content seems to elicit better results. As for the marketplace I have yet to post anything there but will be doing so in the near future and will post those results.
Content, content , content. What content brings the most visitors? I have used videos, ads and even reviews to draw traffic but to this point educational content seems to recieve the most interest. Everyone loves videos but honestly once you have watched a guy spraying a driveway or seen photos of completed jobs you know what to expect the next round. Drone videos garner tons of attention but the content has to be different and exciting and new to draw in the average Joe. In this day and age thats what it seems people crave. Exciting, funny, fails, search any of these terms on youtube and you will undoubtedly find something that will suck you in like a moth to a flame and find yourself 2 hours later giggling at a kitty barking like a dog. So I think the goal for all of us when it comes to producing content has to be that we find that niche that will get potential customers to come back daily to see what new video, or post or insta story we have going.
While on the subject of FaceBook I'd like to touch on the asphalt maintenance related pages. There are so many out there nowadays it can be mind boggling to try and follow. I currently follow more than 25 of these groups. Each and every one of them are great for finding info, researching topics and quite a bit of humor at times but, I often ask myself why so many? Then I realize theres even more out there than I know about. I am sure some of its regional, some is due to personality conflicts within groups and honestly I think a lot of it falls in the fact that once groups reach large numbers it becomes damn near impossible to find information so someone attempts to create a new group where there will be a core group of individuals to ask and answer questions. Its an interesting topic to think about and research .
With that being said I will list just a few here that I like to follow on a regular basis. The first one has to be U.S. Asphalt Sealcoating , Striping and Paving ( which by the way I help BandE Brad Anderson with), followed closely by Asphalt Sealcoaters USA , Asphalt Maintenance Owner/ Operators, and Asphalt /Sealcoating Equipment new/used for sale. Lets hear your favorite Asphalt group and why that is in the comments below. Thanks so much for following along and don't forget to register.