What a season!!! I hope everyone has had a great year and a busy last few months to end on a good note. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what drives folks to accept certain jobs . I hope you find my thoughts entertaining at least .

Seems there are a couple of schools of thought floating around. The first one I see are the new guys, they will take any job they can get to put their name out there. We’ve all been there I think. They don’t know what they don’t know .

Number 2 would be the guys who have been in business long enough to learn the ins and outs but prefer high volume/ low profit jobs. It’s an understandable position to take for the larger companies. In my opinion the main thing we must understand is that as smaller contractors we can’t compete we have to let them do their thing and not be focused on them.

Type 3 I think would be those who accept jobs out of pride. They will work for pennies on the dollar to prevent the next guy from getting the work. Or to look at a job and say I did that. While understandable it’s sometimes hurtful to your business and definitely bad for the pocket book. I mean really this work is too hard to do for practice . Pride, it’s a great thing to have but unless you need the practice it’s not going to further your business in the least .

And finally I’ll address the category that I hope we all fall in some day. That’s the high profit/ high quality contractor. The guy who values his time and goes after the high end work , the one who dies top quality work for top profit. Driving prices up for us all. As a business owner doesn’t this make sense? Less work / higher margins coupled with A++++ quality and customer satisfaction seems like the most logical aspect for me.

While there is plenty of asphalt out there for every single one of us, I think we need to shift our focus to bringing pricing and quality to the forefront t so we can all do better in the long run. I think one way to do that is to focus on learning and teaching others best practices, job costing , and business basics. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below .