Undoubtedly its hard for many guys to attend, its not a cheap event. I do feel the value is there, and everyone that can, should attend. That being said, here are a few ways to attend and get the most on a shoestring. First, there are many hotels near the conference that are a fraction of the cost of a show hotel. Don't let the high priced Hilton scare you away. Many budget brands including Best Western can be booked for under a hundred a night. Next, don't rent a car, but utilize Uber or Lyft. The invention of these services makes transportation super easy and you don't have to pay to park. When you get to the show, you don't have to take classes, however, even taking 1 is better than nothing. There is also plenty of networking to be had in the halls, so simply just hanging out, you can meet other contractors and begin the art of networking. Next comes the free roundtables. There are 5 of these Thursday and Friday. The Seal Coaters and Stripers is usually the top choice. These free events offer an hour to have a town hall type discussion with other contractors. Ive personally learned a lot of tricks of the trade at these events. Next is the show floor. There are many promo codes out that will allow you FREE access to the floor. During the floor, you can take advantage of the free drinks and food during Wednesday nights Network Night. Also, if you are in the market to buy, the show is the place. Just about every exhibitor will offer some sort of show special. Having the ability to pull the trigger on a purchase decision at the show can sometimes save you thousands off of list prices. Often the exhibitors drag a piece of equipment to the show to exhibit it, however they don't want to take it back, so they are willing to take discounts just to avoid hauling it back. Ive even had luck buying small tools that they don't want to take back, so the floor itself can almost make you money if you look at it that way. Last freebie, many suppliers will have hospitality nights on Thursday night. If you happen to use one of their products, chances are you can score an invite. Some of these are very extravagant with free food and drinks, not to mention loads of networking time. So all in all, even on a shoestring, you too can make the show work for you and come home a success.