Hopefully you all had a great show! I sure did. I didn't like the weather, but oh well. Was great to catch up and see everyone. So now you are back, maybe in NPE withdrawals...now what? Take the time to go over your class handouts and study up. Reach out to the instructor if you have any questions. I encourage everyone in my classes to follow up with any questions. Its also a great time to take that information and put it to use in your own company. Type up job descriptions, policies, handbooks etc. You can also work on marketing for the upcoming season. Next is the fun part, go over the swag bag from the floor and follow up with any show specials that you still may want to take advantage of. I know most suppliers extend specials for a few weeks. I was excited to learn of a new parking block that we saw on the floor- with a lifetime warranty. See that review and our many videos from NPE at the link below (Don't forget to subscribe too). Anyways, if you are in the market for something new, big or little, now is the time. If not, at least go over the information to see whats new. Chances are you have an abundance of swag, and don't know what to do with it. Well a fellow Advisory Board member told me that she takes here swag pile, and lets her crews pick through it...Not a bad idea actually.. Ive tended to hoard the freebie pens for myself, but now I have boxes full. NPE is always an experience, and Im glad to be able to attend. I know that those of you who do are trying to be at your best, and the information you learn will help your operations. Ive seen guys go from new to huge, and I have to give the show some of that credit.

Thanks again for following the blog. We will have new blogs soon, so register for Pavement Guru and follow along. Here's to a great 2018!