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Crack filling large cracks on a slope

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  • Crack filling large cracks on a slope

    Does anyone have a good method for doing this? It seems like it's really hard filling inch wide crack and keep it level with the surface because it always runs downhill and pools. Any one have any methods that works for this kind of situation?

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    We use a v squeegee and keep pushing it back in place till it sets, they are a real pain to do, if we have a lot of them to do on a job we add money to the price for the extra work, cause if you don’t work it into place most of the time the customer will call you out on it


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      Thanks. That's what I do as well. Seems to work best with really thick material.


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        Get some backer rod. Its a foam that you can put in larger cracks. Also will help dam up the material on slopes. Just look for closed cell foam, the open cell will melt down.


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          When I know I’m coming to these types of jobs I’ll turn my temp down to about 350-360 and pour the crack in 2-3 lifts. Then like the above poster said, V-squeegee the hell out of it until it sets. We have to do mountain passes over here and it’s terrible. I don’t even bid these very much because of this. And if I do I’m making bank on the job.


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            Another thing, keep in mind most material manufacturers sell many different grades of material, you can order a harder material if you need it, or even softer stuff. The harder material sets much faster, but also takes a while to breakdown.