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  • NPE 2020 takeaways

    What was the most valuable class you attended at NPE. I sat in Gary Rabines ditchdigger podcast class. Really great info about mentor ship and leading your team. Also the business roundtable was very interesting, labor troubles , CRM use and issues with security were all discussed. All in all a great show

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    The commercial sealcoating class the Nick H. Did i thought was good. It was all basic info but helps understand the thought process of going to next level. I chatted with a rep that had a customer of his that was 23 years old that at only 2 years in the business was doing 350k a year sealcoating. Also met another guy that was loud and proud about his sealcoating business, he has been at it since like the 70s. He is the "best sealcoating company on the planet" So i asked his what his business does a year gross...he told me 300k..I was shocked because that's like 40 years in business....which is fine. But in my opinion he could have a huge profitable business by now. He mentioned he was looking to sell his operation soon and retire. Only problem is I know from past experience in selling a business is your numbers have to be really good and managment has to be too notch to get a good 3x to 5x yearly revenue sale price on a service based business.
    So it was a mental note...don't do what this guy did. Build your business fast, smart, and big. So that if you want to exit you are well positioned and have excellent options to do so for all that hard work.

    So for me the show is all about gaining knowlege and learning, what to do and also what not to do....
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      We did a ton of networking. I wished the roundtables were larger, those are usually a great place to learn. I was in one of Nicks classes as well, great info. I enjoyed seeing smaller new vendors on the floor. I did hate that Friday afternoon many were already breaking down...