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Crack seal all areas on a parking lot?

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  • Crack seal all areas on a parking lot?

    Sorry I know it sounds like a stupid question, but first of all I am a newbie.
    Yesterday I looked at a parking lot that another contractor crack sealed and sealcoated. It looked like a great job, but I noticed that asphalt was not crack sealed where it meets the concrete curb around parking lot. Also not crack sealed where asphalt meets sidewalk at street entrance. The size of the spacing was at least 1/2" to 1" wide. Should not this area be sealed also along with other cracks throughout the lot?

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    I’m my opinion no that’s more of an expansion joint , kind of keeps both surfaces separate from one another. Definitely not something I’d do with a bander or pour pot. Now if it’s a huge gap I’d put down some backer rod and maybe cold pour or something you could apply without making a huge mess


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      I’ve always discouraged it because it’s hard to get a clean loooking joint. I’ve seen it done along the flat edge in an HOA, and they were pissed because it just didn’t look as clean. Also it doesn’t do much good imho, I have never seen Asphalt fail along that flag edge do to not crack sealing. It will however keep the weeds out, so if that’s an issue, it may not be bad. We charge a premium to Seal the flat edges, so if they want it, its not cheap.