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  • Preferred Method

    What is your preferred method to apply hot crackseal? Nothing critical here, no question on how it should be done. I just want to know what everyone likes. Myself personally I like the speed banders.

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    Depends on what it is. Typically on a driveway I will use a MA-10 or if it is very minimal like 20 or so ft of cracks I will use cold pour. On a medium to large parking lot I will use my Crafco. I have debated buying a speed bander and giving it a shot as it seems a lot of people on here use them.


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      We have 2 Crafco supershots and use speed banders with them most of the time. Produces a clean band, and is much more productive than the wand. IMHO. We built a rack to hold them on our pots. We have a video on our channel, check it out and subscribe too.


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        So would it be safe to say that I can order a couple speed banders and not look back or be disappointed?! Haha