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  • Crack filler storage

    Have a little problem with a mess my son left me with that I hope you guys can help with..

    I have several boxes of crack filler that we stored in a 20 ft ground level storage container that got over heated and became the blob..busted out of their boxes and spread out on the floor.. And we have several boxes that got wet, the boxes were shot, so we took them out of the wet boxes and now I don't know WTF to do with them..

    I mean how do I store them and in what?? Because if you store them in a bucket they're too big to fit in the MA 10. I don't have a cool dark concrete bunker to store them in..but maybe I need one..

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    Uggghh , we had several do that , I never found a great solution but my guess maybe if you can find some type of wooden shipping container to “stack” them in it might help


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      You’re most likely fine now for the winter. Usually at about 80 degrees open boxes will start to blob. We’ve had it happen in our shop. Usually if they are in the box they won’t burst. Store them outside and tarped over the winter. The other option is to sell it to someone who could use it this season. If not plan to use it first thing in the spring. Next summer if you have to store any, outside in the shade is best. If the boxes are dry they usually will hold fine in the ambient heat. The containers can get too hot in my experience.


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        Only takes about 80 degrees for unboxed stuff to ooze. I would store outside for now and you should be fine.