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Crack sealing stripes

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  • Crack sealing stripes

    Is there anything that will conceal, or make less conspicuous, the hot pour stripe that remains after sealing ? I use Sealmaster on everything and the sealcoating just will not hide the hot rubber stripe. Maybe you guys can help me. I’ve asked local folks and they know nothing that will work. I would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks inadvance for your help.

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    Unfortunately there’s not much. The hot rubber is flexible so sealer and paint have a hard time sticking over time. Just best to talk with your customer and have realistic expectations before you do the work.


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      I was afraid that might be the answer. If you know of any sealcoating, or anything, that will help with this problem please send me a message. I use Sealmaster coal tar crack filler and sealcoating, but I would switch in a minute if something would help. I plan to get in touch with Sealmaster and see what they have to say. I’ve talked with the local distributor and he had no idea what might help.

      i’m also a private citizen and not a contractor. But I have become interested in the asphalt business. I’ll probably have more questions in the near future.

      Thanks so so much for your timely response.


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        It's never been a concern of mine. Seams are evident in every type of pavement. The only exclusion is brand new asphalt, but we know that it is going to develop cracks that have to be maintained just as concrete or any other surface.

        Remember, it's a parking lot not a Picasso. Imho, If you or a client want predictability and Aesthetics it would be best to pay The Upfront cost of installing concrete and not concern yourselves with cracking asphalt.


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          Yes you will never get it to blend in, the crack sealer is rubber and anytime someone drive over it the sealer will move and break the Sealcoat, it’s is something we actually give our customers in writing that will happen


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            Thanks for the replies. Now i understand why people use the cold pour crack sealant, even though it’s not as effective. Maybe somebody will find s solution or product that will solve the problem.


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              One way to reduce it is to "Flush fill" the cracks, that will reduce the amount of material on top, which is what your sealer is not adhering too. To flush fill, you would use a v squeegee.


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                Does having a coat of sand help adhesion of sealer to fill? If anything it javing a texture it let it blend in..


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                  Using a speed bander tends to pull the the bead of crackseal more flush with the ground and shows less through the sealer. at the end of the day crackseal remains flexible and the seal coat will never adhere to it indefinitely. however pulling a tighter more flush bead will help it stay longer, and keep your jobs looking nice for a longer period of time after its done.