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Blowers...Walk behind or backpack?

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  • Blowers...Walk behind or backpack?

    So I have a little wonder 5hp walk behind and looking to add another blower. I do alot of driveways and this year doing alot more commercial including churches plus minus 30k sq ft type jobs. I need something to speed up blowing the lots, but I don't want to get a 2k 13hp monster that will be overkill for most of my work. Looking at the Stihl br 600, 700 or even 800 those bad boys are like 4.4 hp and blow 1k cfm almost what my walk behind does and is vertistle with directions....thoughts, what do y'all use?

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    We use backpacks the biggest part of the time , generally only get the walk behinds out when we have more than 20k sq ft to do honestly , the back packs won’t tear up as much if you happen to find a bad piece of asphalt


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      13 horsepower billy goat. Awesome. As far as backpack blowers go... Husqvarna 580 bts. Check out reviews on YouTube. I have two of them. Only time I use them now is in corners or if I have someone standing around. Walk behind is so much more efficient. It is literally like three or four backpack blowers at once.

      I used backpack blowers only for two years. I believe the walk behind was probably one of the fastest returns on my money that I've spent on equipment. Right up there with lasers for the stripers.


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        9hp Billy Goat. 13 is too much. Back packs are not enough. I mean good to have one, we have the Sthil, but a 9hp Billy Goat should be in your arsenal. There’s a reason so many people have goats.