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    Hey guys I am just wondering if any one uses sealer additives. If you do, do they provide a noticeable difference in sealer performance? I use Brewer Cote Coal Tar sealer with 30% water and 1 pound of sand per gallon. I like how it has been preforming but am wondering if I could get even better results.

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    I like to use additives to not only improve the color but help with drying time and durability. When I used brewer I liked to use Dsf it really darkens it up and has helped it hold up well. I use qsa with Neyra


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      Here is the thing with additives. Some MFG's require the use to complete their mix design...So if your MFG is saying you need to add this and that, then its needed to get the basic results. If you are adding additives to make a better sealer, first still talk with your MFG about your ideas, and see what you can and cant do. From there you will see each additive usually has its place. Some will allow for better sand suspension, allowing you to add more sand. Some will help to push the water out, to dry faster or cure faster etc. Some may increase durability on the base oil level. I don think they are bad at all, but if you are adding them to make a premium sealer, just make sure you are charging your customer for your efforts.


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        I use Sealmaster Coal Tar and Fass Driveways combined with Top Tuff as additives. After an open house a couple years ago I was clued into using a couple different additives to achieve a jet black color and strong durability. Results from this mix design have been AWESOME. I put in additives as 2% of my gallons of concentrate. If I have 300 gallons of concentrate I add 6 total gallons of additive. I split these 6 gallons up equally between Fass Dri and Top Tuff. 3 gallons of each. I add each individually, I don't mix them together and then add. I also add my water to the concentrate before I put in the additives. Figure out the amount of water you want to add to the concentrate. Add the water. Put in the additives one at a time...3 gallons each using the 300 gallon of concentrate example. I also add 3lbs per gallon of silica sand.


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          I run the Sealmaster Supreme which is coal tar pre mixed with 2lbs of sand per gallon and 2% TopTuff additive so I don’t have to deal with mixing it. It’s tough for me though because 2 of the big sealcoating contractors in town do not run sand or additive so it’s hard for me to compete because the customer just looks at the price difference and competition tells them the additive and sand are useless!


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            Here’s a few things...not all sealer MFG’s require additives to complete the basic mix design. Ours doesn’t, we just add water. Ours includes the aggregate, so the finished product is similar to those who have to add sand.

            One idea to make some mix designs blacker is to increase the Carbon must ask the mfg first as too much can cause issues.

            As as far as competition not adding the proper stuff, I would switch your marketing strategies and promote that you apply a premium product, not driveway paint. I know it’s easier said than done, but think of premium gas, yes not everyone buys, but some do. Build your business on quality and premium products. People will learn that if they use you that they will get the best. My motto this year is “Say No to #LowBid”


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              Thanks Guys I think I will try them out this year!