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  • Hydro Excavating

    Any of you own a hydro excavator? (shop vac on a trailer) They keep getting smaller and cheaper, Ive been eyeballing them for years, it's juts that we go through phases of sign installs, from a lot one year to not so much the next. If you don't know, these vacs have a pressure washer system, so you use that to dig, while a hose is sucking out the dirt and water. You will see fiber optic guys use them a lot. The biggest advantage is little to no risk of damaging any pipes or wires below. We learned the hard way once and our skid steer auger snagged a bunch of parking lot light wires....which unfortunately are not marked by blue stakes. Im just wondering if anyone uses them and their thoughts.

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    Never heard of it but if you put in a lot of signs might be good. What is the average depth they run wires?


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      The ones we hit were less than a foot. I think most codes require big stuff be several feet. I’ll attach a pic of one of the small units I’m talking about.


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        They are great, but you need to do a lot of signs to cover the cost. Watch Ritchie Bros, the fiber optic guys go through them like mad, always cheap.


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          Anyone that has a sweeper use the hand hose to hydro excavate? We have a Tymco 210, and I know the suction would be perfect. I hadn’t ever thought of it for sign work, but saw another constructor use their sweepers hose for excavating a hole.


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            Here’s a pic of someone using their sweeper, anyone done this for signs?