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  • Anyone still use these

    Just curious if anyone still uses the bigfoot layout tool or premarked tape? I don't have an auto layout so the pre marked tape is used on every layout job ,, just used a bigfoot the other day and love it . Sometimes the old ways are just fine

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    Yes, I still use the premarked tape on any new layout jobs we pick up. I do not have an auto layout machine either. I run a Graco 3900 and a Titan 6955 and we have one dead man we made to hook the remarked tape to. This system works great for us. I agree sometimes the old way works.


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      I have had automatics. Lasers. Etc… and I still use the PMT. It allows me to retain employees. That is important to me with my business. That being said… when I do work solo… I still snap lines. Lol. Often my customers come out and I layout the lot real quick before we throw down paint and it shows them that they’re all accurate (even though PMT stretches out over time).